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redd walitzki [userpic]


February 14th, 2012 (07:43 pm)

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Happy Valentine's day lovely flist!
Today marks my monster and my 7th year anniversary - and I feel lucky everyday to have such a wonderful, inspiring and loving person to complete my world. We went to see the octopus blind date at the aquarium (our annual tradition), and this year the two octopi really liked each other. They turned into a giant ball of tentacles... a good sign for the year to come :)

My favorite couple wanted to wish you all a happy valentine as well! ♥


redd walitzki [userpic]

*|Money Success Fame Glamour|* - Monster High Fashion Monster

January 26th, 2012 (05:55 pm)

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Been super busy continuing my art roll this year - the past few weeks I've done more little paintings and customized more dollies since the whole half of last year. Its a really great feeling, hopefully I can hang onto it for a while.

Please meet Kiyoki - my newest monster! She adores fashion, bright colors, candies and getting a girlie new tattoo. Her style is edgy yet adorable, and she fits in at the coolest parties. She's inspired by my love of Harajuku style, Party Monster and neon colors in general. She's up on my etsy right now (usually I've been listing my monsters on ebay, so this is your chance to snatch one up!) *Wow - already gone! So fast!*

Kiyoki the Fashion Monster
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redd walitzki [userpic]

*・゚✫| Biophilia|✫・゚*[Dollzone Anson - Anomie Belle]

January 12th, 2012 (08:43 pm)

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Happy New Year my LJ-lovelies!

Hopefully all your 2012s are off to a great start - I know for me, the new year has brought new energy, hope and optimism to my world. I think its pretty obvious from my last few posts that 2011 was really rough for me... but I'm excited at the new seeds that are sprouting now. I have several artshows lined up in the next few months, and I've finally been painting again. Its kind of like a floodgate was opened actually.

So what better way to start things off than with a new doll? I had been feeling my energy for BJDs waning. I am super content with mine, but a lot of the other aspects of the hobby have been losing their interest for me. I think after Uncanny Dream I was feeling really "Now what?" about dolls in general. But when Dollzone released their flower faeries, I was instantly in utter love, and had to have one. So I'm proud to introduce my Anomie Belle, the first Anson anyone seems to have posted pics of. I hope you enjoy her!

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redd walitzki [userpic]

*|Another year...|*

November 29th, 2011 (07:11 pm)
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current song: "bad wine and lemon cake" amanda palmer and the jane austin argument

Hi there lovely flist!

Sorry I keep disappearing for such long stretches - this has been a really rough year, and its taken its toll on pretty much every part of my life. Losing my studio, having to move, issues with the new space, and my best friend moving away have all been really tough and distracting. For a long while there I didn't paint at all, and couldn't even distract myself with my dolls. But slowly, its getting better. I've been painting more Monster High girls - they seem to be the only thing that can cheer me up right now...

Anyways, this is my newest girl, Marie Antoinette. I adore how she came out... working on her has made me feel a bit more like myself again. I hope you guys like her too! (She's listed on ebay for the next few days...)♥

redd walitzki [userpic]

*|Into the darkest of the seasons|*

October 18th, 2011 (07:57 pm)

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current song: "in my mind" amanda palmer

Like I promised in the last post, new tiny hats! I only have the energy to make these every once in a while, and I don't make black ones very often, so if you've been craving one of these now is your chance *____*

They're all ready to ship too, so you can get one in time for Halloween! Clicky on the pics to go to etsy...

Tiny Hat Tower

Micro Striped Yellow Tophat

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redd walitzki [userpic]

*|Fade from gray...|*

October 16th, 2011 (04:56 pm)

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Slowly returning back to the world... Moving was really hard. Leaving 619 was heartbreaking, and the new place had all sorts of unexpected problems on top of it. Its been hard work even getting settled into the space, and I've had no time or energy for the usual creative things I get up to. But now I'm returning to my projects, and trying to get used to the new studio and re-kindle the creative flame...

I did a Monster High repaint, and it was the most fun I've had with dolls in ages! Meet "Ophelia" my little Lagoona... Painting them feels so effortless and fast... I may do more -___<

Ophelia Teaser

*Special heads up for the f-list! I have a batch of black mini-top hats just in time for Halloween! They will be on Etsy tomorrow evening!*

redd walitzki [userpic]

*|I am goint to make it through this year - if it kills me|*

August 16th, 2011 (02:43 pm)

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current song: the mountain goats - no children

Hi there my lovelies!

I am stopping by to say that I will be on-hiatus for a few months at least. As some of you probably know, I live/work in an artist community in Seattle. Its an old warehouse building from the 1910s, that is home to over 100 artists. Well, the city of Seattle and the State of Washington have decided that all the artists here will need to be evicted from this space, since they are drilling a new deep-bore freeway tunnel underneath the building. That means us artists have nowhere to go, and will be displaced all over the city. It means I am losing my home, my community, and the main form of making and selling my work. Its really hard. My boyfriend and I are at the forefront of a movement to find a new building for the artists, and we are making some good progress with that, but being in meetings for this project is eating up any free-time I used to have.

Goodbye - 619 Western

I'll miss you all, and hopefully I'll come through this situation and be stronger for it, and have a better space and time for fun projects again. If any of you are curious about what's going on with this art-building, I'll leave a few articles that give more detail about the situation. I will be slow and sporadic in responding to messages, and not have much time to visit the forums, so if you message me and hear nothing back, that's why @__@

Until then, here are a few pictures of Clean Slate as sort of a goodbye. I had the amazing opportunity to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit in New York a few weeks ago. It was a breath-taking, stunning, beautifully heartbreaking retrospective. It gave me such amazing amounts of inspiration, and plenty of ideas for ways I can challenge myself in my art and doll endeavors. This is my tribute to the late genius... Goodbye for now. *hugs*

Alexander McQueen Slate

redd walitzki [userpic]

*|How is a raven like a writing desk?|*

July 12th, 2011 (05:09 pm)

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Weee, I have a new little batch of hats out. Whenever I make these, I have to do different little collections to keep it interesting for myself, so this time I did really over the top ornamented steampunky ones. I convenietly had a pretty box full of antique East German clockparts, so I figured I out to put them to good use. These little minis are super cute, and insanely detailed. I most likely won't repeat this design since its extra time intensive, so grab 'em while you can :D

Anachronistic Hatters

redd walitzki [userpic]

*|As the World Falls Down - Clean Slate, Mr Have, Uncanny Dream|*

June 16th, 2011 (01:43 pm)

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current song: david bowie - as the world falls down

Wow, I can't believe I survived the whirlwind of Uncanny Dream and all the craziness it brought. The event was a fantastic success - I had expected around 80 people to show up based on forum posts and facebook. Instead we ran out of nametags in the first hour of the show, and over 200 people came not counting the organizers and vendors. Total madness. There's a lot of good photos of the show on flickr and DoA, and I don't have the energy to make an LJ post with them now. But do check them out, this was unlike any other BJD event I've ever heard of.

It was also an amazing reason for me to build the Slantways set I've always dreamed of. Somehow I tricked my amazing boyfriend and crazy artists friends into helping, and the whole month before the show we had people over cutting tiny floor boards, trimming trim, and helping make this insanity happened. And now I get to take photos with it! Yay!

redd walitzki [userpic]

*|Uncanny Dream - Articulated Fantasy 2011 - Seattle Doll Expo May 29th|*

March 21st, 2011 (11:29 pm)

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current song: Leonard Cohen- Take This Waltz

I'm insanely excited to announce Uncanny Dream - Articulated Fantasy 2011, a brand new Ball-Jointed Doll Expo in downtown Seattle, WA. I've been working for a long time to put this together, and can't wait to have it really happen. This one-day event will feature diorama displays by 7 of the Pacific Northwest's top BJD Customizers. The Expo will also include several Vendors, space for visitors to set up their wares to trade or sell in a trunkshow, and public meetup and photography space.
Admission is Free!
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DoA News Announcement Here!
Discussion Thread Here!
Facebook Event Page Here!

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